Many new houses are built on Houselands Fields

Between 1875 & 1880.

Permission is given by the Local Board for the building of numerous new houses as Houselands.  Applications are made by many different people; for two, four or more houses.  It is likely that Annison sold off parcels of land to interested parties in a piecemeal fashion.  It is difficult to work out where the houses are to be built as road names are not usually given.
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  • May 1876 Lansdowne Road is proposed by Mr Annison
  • September 1876 Gas mains are laid down for lamps in Houselands Field
  • May 1879 Mr. Annison submits plans for Hawden Road.
  • March 1880 Houselands Roads are adopted as public highways; upkeep to be paid for by the ratepayers.