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There is a day mid autumn
When leaves are on the ground
Damp fog and mist add shadows
And big cobwebs can be found
This day is long awaited
By children through the land
As costumes are decided on
And made by loving hand
Gourds and big fat pumpkins
Are sold in all the shops
And cupboards turned inside out
To search for costume props
Candies, sweets and other bits
The shopping bags will fill
Pumpkin heads with candle flames
Are placed on window sill
The children decked in fancy dress
Are ready now to roam
Trick or treat they shout around
And charge from house to home
The bestest time is had by all
They screamed at every fright
And returned back home to safety
With loot in hand held tight
Adults in all the houses
With wine are now revived
Trick and treat has finished
Helen Harrison


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