Allotment (SAGE)


The SladeSlade Allotment (SAGE) Community Garden is situated at the far end of Hawden Road, behind the flats.  The allotments were established in 2009 by reclaiming scrubland.  The land is leased from Tonbridge School.

As only members of SARA can have an allotment there is some turnover and there are usually plots available, either a full plot which is about 15 metres by 4 metres, or a half plot.  If a resident would like a smaller area just big enough to grow a few beans and potatoes then that can usually be accommodated.

SAGE allotment plot

The current annual charge is £25 for a full plot and £12.50 for a half.  At the moment there are just over 20 plot holders.  Water is drawn from the brook which borders one side of the land.  There is a social area which is used for barbecues or end of season gatherings.


The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, there is always someone to give advice and share seeds and cuttings.

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If the idea of growing your own fruit and vegetables  and making new friends in the process appeals to you then drop us a note here:

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