Rubbish Collection and Recycling




[accordion title=”Door step rubbish collection”]

Residents are normally provided with one each of standard-sized black and green bins, which are emptied on alternate Mondays,  plus a green box which is emptied  the same day as the green bin.  The Council periodically prints a Collection schedule.

[toggle title=”Black bin” Black bin ]

blackbinAnything (within reason) can be put in the black bin. Contents go to an energy waste plant at Allington where it’s burnt to produce electricity



[toggle title=”Green bin”]



The green bin and box are for recyclable waste.


The bin takes:

  • Garden waste
  • Cardboard – including shiny packaging as used for ready meals etc.
  • Greetings cards (except those with glitter, plastic etc trimmings)
  • Any type of food including meat. Wrap this in paper or put in recycling paper bags available in Sainsburys, Waitrose and elsewhere. However, biodegradable plastic bags are not allowed including compostable plastic bags.


[toggle title=”Green box”]



The green box takes:


  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Phone directories  including Yellow Pages
  • Food and drink cans (please rinse out)
  • Aerosol cans
  • foil

(put the last three in a separate carrier bag in the box)

The reason why the Council collects newspapers separately is because they have a separate arrangement for recycling this which earns them (and us) some money.


[toggle title=”Bin collection”]

You must put the relevant bin at the boundary of your property before 7 a.m. on Monday morning to be sure of getting it emptied. If you are unable to move the bin to the boundary you can request the council to have it collected from a selected spot on your property (see below).


[toggle title=”Special requirements”]

a)     Not enough room in green bin: You can put up to six open rubbish sacks  of green bin waste out with the bin

b)     Not enough room in black bin: If there are more than six people in the household, or a number of children in nappies or people with special medical needs you can apply for a jumbo-sized black bin.

c)     Not much room for bins: If space is tight you can request to dispense with bins and to replace them with rubbish sacks – up to six per collection. If you don’t generate much rubbish you can request a small sized black or green bin. If a former resident has done this but your requirements are greater you can request a standard sized replacement.


[toggle title=”Council contacts”]

There are supposed to be forms to complete online to make these requests on the Council web site:,-rubbish-and-waste/household-waste-information-and-advice. However the link isn’t working at the moment , so e-mail

Or phone 01732 876147


[accordion title=”Recycling Glass and plastic”]

These cannot be recycled through the doorstep collection and must go in the black bin.  To recycle, there are various recycling banks round town. The nearest bottle bank is in the swimming pool car park at the bottom of The Slade. There are also containers there for newspapers and cans/ aerosols and there is a textiles bin run by British Heart Foundation.

The nearest facilities for recycling plastics are the big recycling banks in the Sainsbury’s and Sovereign Way car parks.  These don’t take: yoghurt pots, food trays, tetra packs, plastic bags or bottles that contained motor oil, paint, anti-freeze or pesticides. Newspapers, cans and textiles can also be recycled there and you can recycle energy-saving light bulbs in Sainsbury’s car park.

[accordion title=”Saturday Bulky Waste collection”]

Bulky waste can be taken to rubbish freighters that park in various locations round town on certain Saurdays. The nearest collection point is the swimming pool car park where collection is made between 8 a.m. and 9a.m. on the second Saturday of each month. Visit the Council website for other locations and times.

You can take most things there but NOT

  • Builders’ waste, concrete and similar waste
  • Vehicle parts – including tyres, engines or batteries
  • Oil, paint or other chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard
  • Soil, rubble or bricks
  • Glazed windows or toughened glass
  • Water tanks, boilers, iron/steel baths

There is currently a trial of separating out for recycling certain bulky items brought to these collections.

  • Small household appliances (kettles, electric toothbrishes, alarm clocks, etc)
  • Large household appliances (cookers, fridge/freezers, washing machines, etc)
  • Electronic games & toys
  • TV’s, monitors and computers

[accordion title=”Bulky waste collection from home”]

The council will collect up to six bulky items from your house for a fee of £45. It will collect up to two fridge freezers free. These services must be booked in advance. An online booking form can be found on the council website

If you get means-tested benefits you may be eligible for a free service every three months.

Excluded are:

  • concrete
  • large water tanks
  • oil storage tanks
  • engines and engine oil
  • liquid material
  • tyres
  • toxic materials
  • builder’s waste
  • rubble

[accordion title=”Compost bins”]
You can get a cut price compost bin through a council arrangement with Get Composting. Prices start at £16.98 plus £5.49 delivery per order. (buy one get one free).

Visit Get Composting or telephone 0844 571 4444 for details.
Get tips on composting from that site or from