Slade history

The Slade area is predominantly late Victorian with a small number of older buildings.  The development of the old market place was completed in 2009.  In total there are about 400 households.

In 2011 SARA applied to Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council for a grant from the Community Enhancement Fund and was successful.  The money was used to produce a book, “A Little Knot of Narrow Streets: A history of the Slade, Tonbridge” which outlined the history of the area and also included personal memories of past and present residents starting in the 1920s and up to the 1970s.

The first print run of 420 sold out and will be reprinted.  Copies are available at a discounted price for the first copy to members of SARA.  The Tourist Information Office at Tonbridge Castle and Mr Books in the High Street also sell copies.

Highlights, including personal memories included in the book,  will feature here.

We are short of pictures of the Slade area from the past.  If you have memories or photographs please submit them so that everyone can see them and we can extend our collection.